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Aesthetic Equipment
That Empowers

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At Ethereal Distribution, we are committed to providing our clients with top-quality equipment.

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CryoContour is the latest hands-free non-suction cryolipolysis modality with built-in EMS. You can now slim, tone, and define better than ever before.


Our newest skincare multifunction platform is designed to meet all of your skincare needs.  With the capability to provide a tailored treatment plan for each client, you can confidently advertise hydrating facials, deep pore cleansing, and skin tightening along with before and after images that are displayed on-screen during the skin analysis.


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All-in-one Technology

Our equipment challenges other devices on the market with its advanced multifunctional technology, allowing patients to experience the most optimal results in a shorter number of sessions. 

Premium Grade Quality Supplies

We provide high-grade, top-of-the-line supplies including CryoContour Membranes and gels to enhance the patient experience from head to toe, made easy through our secured checkout on our website. 

Flexible Financing Options

We offer financing options on all of our equipment where providers can pay as low as 0% down upon qualifying.

Hands-on Provider Training

Our equipment comes with comprehensive 1:1 virtual training with our team to help educate our providers on the proper functionalities of each device, and how you can maximize its usage for each client.

Dynamic Branding & Marketing

Our team of specialized marketing experts makes selling services and packages easy through advertising on major social media platforms, SEO, creating landing pages, and other lead conversion methods.

Experts in Medical Aesthetics

Our devices are brought to you by industry experts who are seasoned business owners in the beauty and medical aesthetics industry.

Customized Patient Treatments

The CryoContour and enHydro both solve an array of physical conditions when it comes to facial and body treatments, which gives you more opportunities to service different types of patients!

On-going Technical Support

Our team is always on standby to help with any technical issues that may arise, and we also walk you through the electrical setup process for all devices to mitigate any unforeseen mishaps that may arise.


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Learn more about our aesthetic equipment and how we help our providers empower their clients. Contact Ethereal Distribution for a free quote or to order one of our EnHydro or CryoContour machines!

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